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If u take prenatal vitamins they help with fertility n in a month or two if u have sex on your fertile days u can get pregnant soon! Don't stress about it or it won't happen...have sex from the back so the gravitational pull don't bring sperm down..they need to reach cervix n b able to travel freely..hope this helps

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Q: How long after quit smoking before you get pregnant?
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How do you quit smoking weed while pregnant?

you stop smoking it :L from cammy

Why are otoplasty patients advised to quit smoking before surgery?

Plastic surgeons strongly urge adult patients to quit smoking before the surgery, because smoking delays and complicates the healing process.

What effect would smoking have on a person who quit smoking?

It would depend on how long you had quit. If you had only recently quit, smoking would probably start your habit all over again. Other than that, it would have all the same effects it had before you had quit but since you already had smoked before, the effects would accumulate faster and probably become magnified.

When I am pregnant when should I stop smoking?

As soon as possible. There is never a wrong time to quit.

Is loss of cigarette craving a sign of pregnancy?

Yes. Before I knew I was pregnant I just couldn't stand smoking anymore and one day just quit. Then about 5 days later found out I was pregnant.

Im pregnant how can you clean your system of marijuana and im 9 months?

Quit smoking pot!!

Should you quit smoking immediately after finding out your pregnant or take it slow?

The sooner the better. The baby will take more damage from your smoking then withdrawal.

Pregnant women which is better for baby smoking weed or smoking cigarettes?

They are both harmful. If you are pregnant, quit both of those substances along with alcohol, caffeine and other drugs not recommended by a doctor.

How many times does it take for the average person to quit smoking?

It can take multiple attempts for the average person to successfully quit smoking. Studies suggest that it takes an average of 8-10 attempts before someone is able to quit smoking for good. Quitting smoking is a difficult process that often involves setbacks, but persistence and support can lead to long-term success.

When did david bowie quit smoking?

He quit smoking in 2002

How long after you quit smoking marijuana until your body recovers?