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Though I am a girl i can say that different guys find different traits in girls attractive. please do not try to change for anyone because there is definitely a guy who loves the traits you have somewhere out there.

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Q: What traits do guys find attractive from girls?
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Why do girls find guys attractive?

girls find guys attractive because it is someone to hold and cuddle gives girls what they want. :)

Do guys find beautiful lips attractive in girls?

some guys

Do white guys find black girls attractive?

They did in the 30s...

Why do guys find girls making out attractive?

It is because guys dont see it everyday.

Why do black guys go out with white girls?

Because Black guys are attractive.

Why do guys find girls bodies more attractive than their personalities?

Hormones :)

Do girls Find guys attricitive that has a chin dimple?

There are many girls that would find a guy with a chin dimple attractive.

Do girls find guys attractive that have shape ups?

I guess not really attractive. Or what kind of shape ups do you mean?

Ok so what do girls find attractive in guys and not like body because you already know they like atheletic guys but like what do girls find attractive in a guys face?

nice face, longish hair( not gay ratty needs 2 b washed)

What do girls find the most attractive?

Girls find long, clean hair attractive. They also think strength and fitness is attractive. They also like guys that smile and have nice eyes and ARE nice. Hope this Helps!

Why are girls more attractive than guys?

in some cases guys are more attractive

Guys of what race or ethnic origin do girls find most attractive?

hawaiin and portuguese