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in some cases guys are more attractive

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Q: Why are girls more attractive than guys?
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Why do guys find girls bodies more attractive than their personalities?

Hormones :)

Do girls check out guys?

Yes. Girls like attractive guys as well. Females are just able to be more discrete about it as their peripheral vision is greater than the average males.

Are hunky guys more attractive than skinny guys?

because girls want someone who will protect them instead of someone who might not be able to.

Do girls cheat more often than guys?

yes girls cheat more than guys!!!

Do girls find chubby but not fat boys more attractive than thin boys?

Girls like all kinds of guys, but don't let yourself go.

Are American girls more attractive than English girls?


What if you are attracted to girls more than guys?

if you are a girl and you like girls more than guys. go ahead and date girls. sometimes guys even think it is hot

Do attractive women find men with big noses attractive?

well I think that guys with big noses aree wayyyy more attractive than guys with small offence to those guys..but that's just my oppinion..and I know lots of girls that see it like that..I mean.. look at some of the men in movies.. I think big noses on guys are HOT!! ;))

If your 12 and have curly brown hair and big brown eyes would that be attractive to guys?

It would depend on the guy really. Some guys would find you more attractive than others. Not all guys like brown haired girls. Some like blondes and red-heads or darker haired girls. Its just a matter of finding guys who like brunettes

Are girls more inportent than guys?

Yes girls are very important than guys. (WARNING!) BE NICE TO GIRLS! For real!

How come you can't get a guy?

You aren't attractive enough. Don't worry, you can't really get one 100% because there are more girls than guys in the world!

Why girls are more emotional than boys?

Girls are more emotional than guys because girls are softer inside and God made girls to care more than guys.