Do girls cheat more often than guys?

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2010-01-18 21:10:48

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yes girls cheat more than guys!!!

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2010-01-18 21:10:48
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Q: Do girls cheat more often than guys?
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Do girls cheat on guys or do guys cheat on girls more often?

Throughout all the age groups I have gone through, it seems that early on, men do a lot more cheating than women. As we grow older, it starts leveling out a little, but men still do it more.

Why don't girls like scrawny guys?

because girls like to feel protected and scrony guys are often more weaker than buff guys.

Do girls cheat more than boys?

Although girls may cheat on boys as much as boys cheat on girls, it is often acknowledged that females form stronger emotional bonds than do males.

Why do most boys cheat on their girlfriend?

because they think that they are all that and there are way more prettier girls out there than guys # some guys believe if they cheat then they are know as cool # when the truth isif they cheat # then they may love a girl and # feel like he is nothing when he cheat

Do guys touch girls more than girls touch guys?

Guys have sexual cravings more then girls do. ~*~can i touch you?~*~ NO, guys and girls have the same cravings, only guys are more open about them and arent afraid to tell you.

How do teenagers know they are lesbian?

They get crushes on girls way more often than guys.

Are guys like girls?

no guys are ruffer and dumber then girls and more ignorant

Can guys get scoliosis?

Yes, in fact, girls get it more often than guys, but it does occure. Scoliosis is also genetic in very many cases.

Is there more girls or guys on earth?

yes there are more girls

Do guys show more emotion then girls?

No. Girls are twice as emotional if not more. Guys hide their emotions.

Do girls or guys flirt more?

Def. guys.!

Who gets down syndrome more guys or girls?

more guys do

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