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You know that you've had a miscarriage when you're screaming in pain and a dead bloody fetus comes out of your vagina. And you can be three months pregnant and not realize it without a test depending on your body weight

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Q: How can you tell if you had a miscarriage and not know you were about 3 weeks pregnant?
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How can you tell if you had a miscarriage a year ago if you didn't know if you were pregnant or not?

You can not.

How should I tell my Fiance that I was pregnant and had a miscarriage when I didnt know I was pregnant until the miscarriage and I am scared he will be disapointed?

BUt it isn't your fault. he should be able to understand

You have been spotting for 15 days off and on you had a miscarriage at 3 weeks back in nov05 im really scared you called your doctor and they told you it was normal but im still scared plese answer?

Do you know you are pregnant now, have you had a positive test? Aslong as it is just spotting you are probably ok. This is what doctors are for, to tell you what is happening. You cannot miscarry at 3 weeks as you would not even know you are pregnant. If you miscarried 3 weeks after conception that is 5 weeks pregnant not 3 weeks.

You had your implanon taken out two weeks ago and had intercourse during that time how soon can you tell if im pregnant and could you have gotten pregnant and not know yet and how soon can i tell?

You can tell if you're pregnant two or three weeks after unprotected sex.

If you've heard the heartbeat at 11 weeks and everything was fine what are the odds of miscarriage?

You should really ask your doctor about this. The doctor would be able to tell you because they know your past pregnancies or misscarriages (if any) as well as how healthy you and the baby are right now. Don't worry. Good luck and God Bless:) After 8 weeks pregnant the chances of a miscarriage fall considerably.

Is dark brown spotting normal well 9 weeks pregnant?

It may not be. That was my only symptom and I was having a miscarriage. It can be a very small amount and still be a sign of miscarriage. You should tell your doctor so they can check on the status of the pregnancy.

Can a doctor know if you have had a miscarriage in the past even though your pregnant now?

No there is no way to see that unless they see you have scarring to something if you needed a D&C after. Then they might ask but they can't tell if that is a miscarriage.

How can you know if you got pregnant after a miscarriage 3 weeks ago?

at-home pregnancy tests are pretty much all you can do. Otherwise, i don't know about if your doctor will let you, or insurance coverage, but i have heard of people going to the lab at the hospital to see what their HCG levels are and those levels can tell you whether your pregnant or not. Usually they send you to get these tests after a miscarriage to make sure your body expelled everything and your body is getting back to normal levels. I hope this helps :)

Is it possible to have a miscarriage before you knew you were pregnant and could a doctor tell by doing a check-up?

Yes, it is possible to have a miscarriage before you know you're pregnant. It happens a lot more than, I think, people know about. I think a doctor can do an exam to tell if you've had a miscarriage or not, but it probably has to be soon after. Call a doctor right away if you want to know. you could definatly have a misscarage before you know you are pregnant because some times you do have what you think are periods so you don't notice changes in your body. some people go full term with out knowing there are pregnant. but i don't think it is possible for a doctor to check if you have had a misscarge once the misscarage is complete.

At how many weeks can tell that you are pregnant?

You should be able to tell from a home pregnancy test when you are fourteen days (two weeks) pregnant.

How can you tell if you are pregnant after you just had a baby a month ago?

If the pregnancy hormones are still there you can't but you can wait for the ultrasound.

If you have had a miscarriage and are being sent for an ultrasound what are they expecting to see and will it tell you that you were pregnant or show any signs of previously being preg?

They could be checking for any tissue that was not expelled during the miscarriage. They may be able to tell that you were pregnant depending on how long ago the miscarriage happened, and if anything was left behind.