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The right side piercing is an antiquated custom, but originally only applied to men.

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Q: Does the right side piercing mean gay for girls too?
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Meaning of nose piercing on the right side of the nose?

It Doesn't mean a thing. i have a piercing on my right. i got it there cause it felt better it doesn't mean anything :)

What side is the lesbian side for girls nose piercing?

I don’t know

Is there a lesbian side for a girls second ear piercing?

Absolutely not

Does the tragus piercing for girls go on the left or right side?

Either way, it doesnt matter Whatever ear you like the best!

Piercing pain on the right rear side of my body above the hip?

Piercing pain on the right rear side of my body above the hip?

What does a mechanical piercing in the right ear mean?

OK you mean to say "industrial piercing" this is a straight barbell through the outer ear cartilage in two locations on the ear. Right side left side makes no difference in the grand scheme of things and means nothing.

What does a lip piercing mean?

Having a piercing on the side of your lip :3

If you only get one piercing on you lip which side does it go on?

The side you want it on, there are no left right rules for lip piercing.

For girls is getting a piercing on the right ear suggest anything?

No, it dosent suggest anything, however it is unusual for a girl to just pierce one side of her ear. Some girls have only one piercing on one ear and several on the other though

What side is Andy clemmensen lip piecing on?

his lip piercing is on his right side

Which side is miley's nose ring on?

meaning of nose piercing on the right side of nose? it's on the right side ^^^^^^^ actually, your wrong. miley's nose piercing is on the left side, mine is on the right, and i looked at a picture, and hers is on the left. i love miley Cyrus :']

What does it mean when you get your nose pierced on the right?

It means that it's a right side nostril piercing, nothing more, nothing less. Dont get caught up in the "BS" logic, if you have this pierced youre "this" if you have this side piercing here youre a "that". It's all a Big Story, don't listen to that garbage. A piercing is nothing more than a piercing, an experssion of your own personal style, nothing more.

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