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I don’t know

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Q: What side is the lesbian side for girls nose piercing?
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Is there a lesbian side for a girls second ear piercing?

Absolutely not

Eyebrow side for lesbian?

No such piercing for a lesbian.

What is the more common side for a nose piercing?

left side of your nose x

What side is Andy biersacks nose piercing on?

What side of Andy biersacks nose does he have pierced

What side of the nose piercing is lesbians?

your lesbians

What side is the lesbian side for girls top ear piercings?

There is no Lesbian side to any piercing, that is a myth that is not only annoying but just down right rude. Stereo typing has no place in professional body piercings never has and never will. Piercings are just piercings nothing more nothing less.

Where would you suggest to get your nose pierced?

I think they look best when your nose piercing is on the opposite side of any lip/monroe piercing, (if you have those.) If not, either side will look fine. (:

Where on your nose do you supposed to nose piercing?

Your piercer will tell you that. You just tell her what side of your nose, left or right.

What side are you supost to get your nose piercing on?

it doesnt matter lol .

What side is Jordan sparks nose piercing at?

In "No Air", it appears to change side, but it is on her left side.

What if your not sure about you boyfriend being gay and he has a nose piercing on the left side Is he gay?

It doesn't mean anything. I honestly think that if you have a nose piercing on the left side of your nose it doesn't mean anything. Most guys do but that doesn't mean they are gay.

Does the lead singer from the ready set have a nose piercing?

Yes. Jordan does indeed have a nose piercing. Currently he has two. A ring on the right side and a stud on the left.