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You don't get your money back for deleting an app

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Q: Do you get money back for deleting an app?
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When you delete a app from your ipod do you get back your money?

I don't think you can get your money back by deleting it, but you might be able to send the creators of the app an email to complain, and then they might refund you.

How can I get all A and A?

How to get App Store back on iPad after deleting it

Do you get a refund for deleting an app on an apple device if it is paid?

No, you don't get a discount for deleting an app.

Why cant you get back your memory after deleting an app?

I guess Facebook file or gamecenter file

Do you get your money back if you delete a app you paid for?

No, you do not get your money back if you delete an app you paid for. Once you bought it, you cannot get your money back.

When you take off a app do you get your money back?


How do I stop a suspicious wife from deleting my Facebook app?

She hasn't

If you delete a app and a iPod touch do you get the money back?


How do you get your money back from an app?

Contact them and ask for a refund.

How can you stop your ipod from throwing you out of an app?

mmm i think you mean the app is crashing, normally deleting and redownloading the app fix that problem

How do you delete a waiting app?

You cannot download an app that is in the progress of downloading. You must wait for the app to finish downloading before deleting it.

Why cant i get my memory back when i delete an app on my ipod touch 4g i deleted an app by pressing the x after holding down the app for 3 seconds but when i check the capacity it stays the same?

Deleting 1app don't help and if connected to iTunes unplug