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== == u can get 1 at the s.s ferry at apt. briney

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Q: Where to get the old map Pokemon Emerald version?
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How can you get the old sea map in Pokemon Emerald?

Only by a Nintendo event.

Where is World Edges Island in Pokemon Emerald?

Actually scrap that,you need the old sea map to get there but you have to trade it with someone who has the old sea map on Pokemon ruby/sapphire

What is the old sea map in Pokemon emerald?

The Old Sea Map was an event item that allowed you to access Faraway Island where Mew resides.

Where do you go to use the old sea map in Pokemon emerald?

Nowhere.Old sea map is only gift for you.I hear this.

How using old sea map in Pokemon emerald?

when you have the map talk to the ferry lady and shell take you to the island were you get Mew

Where do you get the old sea map and the old sea chart at the PC in Pokemon emerald?

Mix records or go to a Nintendo event

What is the Action Replay code for the Old Sea Map on Pokemon Emerald?

it is 692P66 PP296P 55LO33 22RR66

How do you use the old sea map on emerald?

Use action replay DS for Pokemon Diamond

Can you go behind the daycare center in Pokemon emerald version?


Where to find the Old Sea Chart in Pokemon emerald version?

By Nintendo events or by mixing records with someone that has one

Is Pokemon emerald version on the DS?

Unfortunately no but if you have one of the old ds consoles which accepts gameboy advance cartridgethe you can play emerald from the game oy to your ds

How do you get mew on dimond?

Trade it from emerald using pal park or use an action replay to get it in emerald you need the old sea map from the Pokemon fiesta event in 2005