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You can get banned, but it probably won't happen if you do less then 50,000 coins. Good luck. :)

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Q: Do you get banned for using clubpenguin money maker?
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How long do you get banned for using the club penguin money maker?

you wont get banned

Is there a way to cheat on club penguin without getting banned?

Sometimes yes sometimes no WARNING:If you are using money maker if u have money above 250,000 they will banned you

Do you get banned forever by using club penguin money maker?

Yes you could, But only if you get banned 4 times. On the 4th time it is forever. (This might not be true it is what I have heard) Also, you might not get banned, but there is a big chance that you will.

How do you get an orange puffle on clubpenguin?

You cant if you see stuff like that on they are using glitches that can banned you forever

Your moneymaker for clubpenguin is not working What do you do?

ok first of all, y do u guys download moneymaker? u can get banned for it. well if u wanna kno.... here is wat u do... UNINSTAL THE BAD MONY MAKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!More Answers:I have been using the moneymaker for two years probably gaining me around 1 million coins each year on all my account and none of them have been banned so far it is perfectly secure and you will NOT get banned. The person above is probably a 9 year old who is jealous of people who can actually get the money maker and know how to use it.

Can the Club Penguin 2009 100000000 coin glitch get you banned?

It No Longer works But you can get fast coins using this program Go To Www.Cp Cheats Penguin Money Maker Download Money Maker 3 and get Tons of Coins Fast Good Luck

How do you get the Club Penguin money maker version 2?

please dont use money maker to often because if they find that you are using it they will kick you off

Is club penguin money maker legal in the us And does it get your penguin banned if you use it And if the answer for the first one is yes and second one is no does it accually work?

It is against the terms of service for Club Penguin, which means that if you're caught using it, your account will probably be banned. It is not entirely clear whether it is legal or not in the US, but you probably would not get in legal trouble for using a simple game cheat.

Can you get a lot of money on club penguin not using the money maker?

Yes, play Cart Surfer or other games.

When Using club penguin money maker steal your password?

Yes, it can do because you don't know who it is

How can you get banned when you have safe chat on clubpenguin?

by using one of the following listed below penguin storm 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 and 10 hacking clubpenguin please if you want your penguin do not do these p.s i think their illegal that's why i don't try them

How do you download YoVille hacker or YoVille money maker?

There is no YoVille money maker. The only YoVille hack there is at the moment is using Cheat Engine to speed up YoFish so you get 10c instantly 20 times.