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Yes, according to the Mayo Clinic and other reliable medical sites, the Birth Control pill can stop or reduce menstruation; that is, some types of pills stop it entirely, while others simply reduce the number of days you menstruate. But as your body adapts to this medication, you may still experience some spotting in the first few months. I enclose a link to the Mayo Clinic's explanation of the effect the birth control pill has on the menstrual cycle.

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Q: Can the birth control pill stop your period?
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Should you stop taking the birth control pill if you get your period?

You should continue taking the birth control pill daily as scheduled regardless of bleeding.

When you stop taking your birth control pills and u have a period is that a regular period or a pill period?


Can stopping the birth control pill make your period longer?

When you take the birth control pill, you can expect shorter and lighter periods. When you stop the pill, your periods go back to their natural length and heaviness of flow.

Does missing your birth control cause spotting?

That depends on the pill, if it made your period stop, then I guess so.

Can you use the pill to stop periods two months in a row?

There is no guarantee that taking birth control will stop you from having your period. You will most likely have your period anyway.

If you took your pill like three days into your period even though you hadnt stopped bleeding yet how long will it take for the bleeding to stop Will your birth control cause your period to stop?

Hi, Yes birth control will cause your period to stop within 48 hours.

You stop taking birth control pill last moth after your period and you still havent got your period it around the same day you get it with the pill what dose that mean?

Ask your doctor

I would like to stop taking birth contol when is the best time in my cycle to do so?

well, i start to take the birth control pill. i took one month, but i stop taking the pill the next month. what happen did control your period or not what is the risk.

How do you stop a period with birth control pills?

Some people will see their period stop when starting the pill; others will have prolonged bleeding. You can't predict which women will have which outcome.

Once you are on your period can you take a birth control pill to stop it?

Taking a birth control pill will not stop you from getting your period. It might make your periods shorter and lighter. There is a pill out there that makes it so your body only gets four periods a year, but I wouldn't recommend it. Your body does things for a reason, and 12 periods a year is more natural.

Does birth control pill help after conceiving?

If you're pregnant, you should stop taking the birth control pill, as it is of no use.

Your period started yesterday you have a pack of birth control pills Is there anything you can do to make it stop once it has started?

If you start the birth control pill now, the period is likely to be shorter, although that's not guaranteed.