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Hi, Yes Birth Control will cause your period to stop within 48 hours.

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Q: If you took your pill like three days into your period even though you hadnt stopped bleeding yet how long will it take for the bleeding to stop Will your birth control cause your period to stop?
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Does nuva ring make your body skip a period even though its your first time ever using any contraceptive?

Some women will have no withdrawal bleeding on NuvaRing, and others will have bleeding. Any amount of bleeding or spotting "counts" as a "period" if you're on hormonal birth control.

You Had a miscarriage at 5 weeks then bleeding stopped and then two weeks later started again?

most likely you had a miscairriage, then two weeks later had your period. You may want to talk to a doctor though.

Is it true that birth control pills can prevent menstrual period?

Yes. If you keep taking them and ignore the pause days you'll suppress the regular bleeding. Don't make a habit out of it though.

How does a good pad make a happy period?

lol by stoping leaks and not bleeding though.

What does it mean if you start your period 2 weeks before you are supposed to while on birth control?

Some birth control pills can affect/alter your cycle, when I first started mine I had a light period for a month, then it stopped, if you are worried though, you should see your doctor. Better get it checked out if you are worried.

Do you have your period at the beginning of your pregnancy or does it just stop?

My periods always just stopped & I had no bleeding in any of my 3 pregnancy's, but I do know you can have some light bleeding from the implantation of the egg. It is not like a period though but most women confuse this bleeding with their periods. It should not last more than 3 days. Some women do have a period in the beginning of pregnancy, although it is not common and it would be light. Some women have experienced a "first" period then learns a couple of weeks later that they really are pregnant. They usually also experience implantation bleeding caused by the fertilized egg to attach itself to the uterine wall

Could you be pregnant even though you are bleeding heavy?

I'm pretty sure you can't if you have your period

Is it possible to bleed every month while pregnant?

YES YOU CAN! The bleeding is NOT YOUR PERIOD though, since a period is technically the shedding of the uterine lining and unfertilized egg. No one is really sure what causes the bleeding.

Did you have a miscarriage if you were spotting brown 8 days before your period and then and you got an extremely heavy period with clotting?

It does sound as though you might have had a miscarriage. If the bleeding has now stopped and you feel otherwise well with no fever you will probably never know for sure. If the bleeding is still heavy and/or you feel ill GO TO THE DOCTOR!!!

Ring came out and i got my period for 2 days and then my period stopped?

Like any hormonal birth control method, Nuva Ring is likely to cause lighter flow and shorter periods than you had before you started on it. Sometimes, on Nuva Ring, the flow gets so light that you don't notice anything at all. That is normal, and there's no need for concern if you used the ring correctly last month. You can take a pregnancy test if you're concerned, though. Whatever bleeding you have, just keep using the ring on the schedule on your calendar, regardless of bleeding.

Could you be pregnant if you have a period for a month?

Yes, bleeding while pregnant is possible, though unlikely. You may want to speak with your doctor.

What should you do if you havent had a period since you been on nuva ring almost 2 years I get my regular check up but still is that safe?

When women use hormonal birth control, the period gets lighter. It can get so light that there is no visible bleeding at all. This situation is safe; if you were not bleeding and weren't on birth control, there might be risk. But, even though it's safe, some women don't like it. If you are one who prefers a more regular withdrawal bleed, talk to your health care provider about options.