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Just like smoking a cigarette, smoking marijuana can be bad for your teeth.

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Q: Can smoking marijuana be bad for your teeth?
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Is smoking weed bad for teeth?

Smoking weed is known to be bad for one's teeth. Smoking an abundance of marijuana over an extended period can cause yellowing of the teeth and even worse, tooth decay.

What are the physical side effects of smoking marijuana and having a blot clot?

you will have yellow teeth, bad skin and you will eventually die.

How bad is marijuana on the lungs?

bad but not as bad as smoking ciggarettes

Does marijuana smoking turn teeth brown?

Any smoking will discolor teeth. There is more tar in marijuana smoke than tobacco smoke and tar will discolor your teeth, but, you could smoke marijuana once a week for 30 years, and you probably wouldn't really have any problems, the same cannot be said of smoking cigarettes. <anonv>

What are the effects of smoking marijuana after a deep cleaning of teeth?

The effects are the same as before you got your teeth cleaned

Is smoking cigarets bad for you?

Smoking and/or chewing tobacco is very bad for you and can easily kill you. Smoking marijuana is also not very healthy and is usually illegal.

Is smoking really bad?

Smoking cigarettes is bad for you, yes. But, the category is marijuana, and I would have to say no. You will get the "marijuana body" though (skinny legs, large love handles, for men - saggy/flabby pecks). Well, smoking marijuana can give you cancer, emphysema, or other smoking-related diseases. Ingesting marijuana, however, cannot give you cancer.

Why is marijuana unhealthy for healthy people and good for people with medical problems?

One might argue that smoking marijuana is bad for your lungs, since smoking anything is bad for your lungs. As for marijuana specifically, there is no scientific evidence that using the drug is bad for one's health.

Is smoking a joint just as bad as smoking a carton of cigarette?

No, that's a myth perpetuated by the anti-marijuana crowd.

Is smoking marijuana worse than smoking cigarettes?

NO! Unless it's excessive. Everything is bad for you if done in excess

Is yellow teeth caused by smoking reversable?

no and smoking is bad so you must face the consequences

Is oregano a smoking herb?

No. Do not smoke oregano. There is no benefit from it and it is bad for your lungs. All smoking is bad for your lungs and in the case of oregano, there is no "benefit" such as with tobacco or marijuana, so smoking oregano is dumb.