Birth control skiping periods

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Women can take the Birth Control pills continuously without a break to skip the periods.

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Q: Birth control skiping periods
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Can you be sure as to why you missed a period while on birth control?

Some women miss periods as a side effect of birth control. some women miss complete periods while on birth control.

What will stop you from having periods?

Birth Control and obesity

Will birth control make periods regular?


While on birth control how long should your periods last?

While on birth control, your periods should last just as long as when you're not on birth control. Some women regularly experience 2-3 day periods while other women can regularly experience 6-8 day periods.

Why do you use birth control?

Birth control is used primarily as a contraceptive, to decrease periods, and to decrease PMS symptoms

Can you take birth control to delay period if you're not on birth control?

You shouldn't be taking birth control if you're not prescribed it. Birth control pills don't stop periods, they stop pregnancy.

Why do I have Multiple periods on contraceptive pill?

You shouldn't be having multiple periods when on birth control pills. You need to see your Doctor about this. It's possible the birth control you're on isn't suitable for you so a change of birth control may be advisable.

Are late periods on birth control normal?

If you just started taking birth control your periods are going to be irregular for the first few months. But it is possible to still get pregnant on the pill.

Is it possible for the birth control patch to shorten your periods?


When you get the implanon birth control does it reset your periods?

It will change your periods but they will still be there but you will just have them at different times of the month.

Missed your periods for six months?

caused from prenacy or birth control

Can you have missed periods after being off birth control for a month?

Yes you can.

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