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If you took Birth Control for one month and had a few periods then you need to see your doctor and change birth control. It doesn't sound like you are on the right type of birth control pills for you - hence the extra periods. You do need to perform a pregnancy test as there is a possibility you may be pregnant.

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Q: If you take the pill for a month get a couple regular periods then miss one what are the chances you are pregnant?
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Could I be pregnant if my boyfriend came over my underwear but I am on the pill and sometimes take it a couple hours late?

There are least chances of you getting pregnant. Pills will protect you from getting pregnant. You take the pills late by couple of hour late at times. That does not lower the efficacy of the pills. But you must get the periods with in a week of finishing the course of your pills. Other wise you have to consult your doctor.

How soon after you stop taking birth control pills should your periods become regular?

A couple of months.

Can you have two periods nearly two months apart when pregnant?

While it is rare, some women do continue to have periods (I know a couple). Most likely is is heavy spotting due to being pregnant. That is much more common.

Can you fall pregnant a couple of days before your period?

Pregnancy can accur anytime a women ovulates. A women can ovulate anytime of the month, even if they are on their periods!

2 periods in one month sign of pregnancy?

I had two periods in one month and I'm pregnant. So i guess if you're asking if it happens.....yes it's possible. My first period was "normal" and the second a couple weeks later was very light. Found out about a week after that i was pregnant due to nausea.

Well i was on depo and i got off and i have had 5 periods since then. Then in September i had 2 periods in a month. I just got off yesterday and my boyfriend came in me today. can you get pregnant?

You can be if you get your period again in like couple of weeks... you should buy a pregnancy test

Can you be pregnant and still get periods the first couple of months?

you can get your period through out your whole pregnancy its now to happen i had my period until i was seven months pregnant i knew i was pregnant got prenatal care and the baby was ok but i just never stop getting my period for quite some time

Is the period you get after means your period will be regular?

no it doesnt mean that all the time.some people have regular periods without missing one ever, others may miss a a few months at a time, this is completely normal it may mean that your still a bit too young for periods yet.i know a lot of people with that case, one of my close friends started her periods at the age of 9, then they stopped for a couple years and came back regular..i dont like my periods because they take all the life out of me, but i guess its just a sign that your going into womanhood.i hope this helps,-e