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You shouldn't be taking Birth Control if you're not prescribed it. Birth control pills don't stop periods, they stop pregnancy.

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Q: Can you take birth control to delay period if you're not on birth control?
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Do you start youre period the same time every month when youre on birth control?


Is it possible to get pregnant while taking birth control and while youre on your period?

While seeing your period it is possible, but, while taking birth control I'm guessing its the pills you are refering to please clarify next time it makes my life easier eliminates the guess work but assuming its the pills that's a no

How can you tell if youre pregnant while on your period I also use my Birth Control patch correctly and a condom everytime. Please help me. Thanks.?

In general if you have your period you are not pregnant. You can take a home pregnancy test if you are unsure.

Could you be pregnant If your period was a week early and short and youre not using any form of birth control?

Most likely no you are not pregnant. It was just short and light. Some periods are that way.

Whats wrong if i had a period that only went for 4 days and now i have sore stomach and a brownish pink discharge?

it probably means that you are on birth control, and youre normal. that is not something to be worried about.

How do you stop your cycle for a week or more?

Your menstrual cycle can be held off for short periods of time with birth control pills. However, please do not attempt this on your own without talking to your doctor first. If youre planning on going on vacation or getting married, or having some other large life event, and would like to delay your period, see your doctor or gynecologist first. They can advise you if delaying your period is safe for you individually, and how to do it.

Should you go see a doctor if youre on birth control pills had the period on time in the pill cycle didn't start another pack and then got your period 10 days later but it was very heavy?

Yes, I would see a doctor, you might have poly-cystic fibrosis.

Can you start a new pack of birth control when youre in the middle of the sugar pills to stop your period?

Yes, you can start a new pack of birth control pills in the middle of the sugar pills to skip your period. Just start the new pack right after finishing the active pills, skipping the sugar pills altogether. It's best to consult with your healthcare provider before making any changes to your pill schedule.

Why haven't i started my period?

It depends on your age. If youre below 9 you wont get your period, but if youre above 8 then its possible to get a period.

Can not eating meat for 9 months and randomly start eating it again stop or delay your period?

It can screw up youre whole body naturally so it could be either depending on the person

Can you delay your period by taking birth control pills the day your period starts?

Yes you can, I have done it a few times myself but for no more than 5 days later (so a period of 13 days without Birth control pills and then starting another pack) You can also immediately start another pack of birth control pills after you have finished the first to delay your period for two months. I wouldn't suggest delaying it for more than those two months though.

I had a period oct 15 which was reglaur and now i had a period for one day nov 8th why what is wrong?

If you dont get youre period on youre date can u be pregnant?