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Birth Control is used primarily as a contraceptive, to decrease periods, and to decrease PMS symptoms

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Q: Why do you use birth control?
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Can you get pregnant on your period if you use birth control?

No. Birth control will prevent pregnancy.

Can all women use Birth control pills?

Certain women cannot use birth control pills

Why do you get a pregnancy test before receiving birth control?

Birth control works by preventing pregnancy. If you are already pregnant, birth control is of no use.

Can you use the birth control patch as an emergency contraceptive?

No, that is a weekly birth control and will not work as an EC.

Use birth control or be gay?

I don't think using birth control or not is basis enough to be gay.

How many years can teenagers use birth control pills?

You can stay on birth control for as long as you want. I

What do women over 40 use for birth control?

Answer I don't know why you couldn't use birth control pills and if you can't there is always condoms.

Should married couples be allowed to use contraceptive methods for family planning?

Yes, married couples can use birth control. It is their decision to use birth control.

Why do gay people use birth control pills?

Lesbian women may use birth control to regulate their menstrual cycles, which is a major reason many women use it.

I just started birth control Do you have to take birth control for a full month before it prevents pregnancy?

usually if you take the birth control for a week straight without missing any you will be protected. even if you use birth control it isn't 100% effective, so you should use condoms to be safe.

You want too stop the shot and use birth control pill?

You can switch forms of birth control to what is most comfortable for you. If you would like to switch birth control consult your physician so that she/he can choose a birth control pill that is right for you.

Does birth control pill help after conceiving?

If you're pregnant, you should stop taking the birth control pill, as it is of no use.