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Certain women cannot use Birth Control pills

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Q: Can all women use Birth control pills?
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What if you get all green pills birth control?

If you have a pack of 28 green birth control pills, you're probably on Micronor.

Can you get pregnant if you switched from taking the shot to birth control pills but no longer take the birth control pills?

If you were on the shot but you switched to taking birth control pills, but you do not take the birth control pills anymore, you have a high chance of pregnancy if you have been having unprotected intercourse. All the active hormones from the birth control will have little or no effect after 3 days of not taking birth control.

Can birth control affect anxiety?

AnswerIn some women yes it can. Birth control changes hormones in the body, so, in some women it can cause panic attacks or all sorts of anxiety issues. Birth control pills/patches are not healthy and can be related to breast cancer, heart disorders and blood clots. Short-term use of birth control pills/patches can regular periods.

What are all the reasons for using birth control pills?

2 control pregnancy

Does omnicef effect birth control pills?

In theory all antibiotics can make birth control pills less effective. This concern has not been proved.

Do all birth control pills protect you against chlamydia?

Absolutley not! The two things that do are: no sex or condoms. Birth control pills control the births of babies, nothing more.

What if all of a sudden you took a overdose on birth control pills how long does it take for the birth control pills to wear off?

i think youn should go to a doctor

What are some birth control pills that make your period lighter?

In general, all birth control pills, as well as the patch and ring and the Mirena IUD, make your period lighter.

Why do some birth control pills contain progesterone?

All birth control pills contain progesterone to prevent pregnancy. There is no birth control pill that doesn't contain progestin.

Does the birth control yaz contain all active pills?

No, Yaz contains a mixture of active and placebo pills.

Do Birth control pills help level out hormones?

Yes, they sure do!It's a common myth, especially in young adult Women, that birth control is only used to "not get your pregnant", but this is just not true. Aside from decreasing the likelihood of birth, birth control pills can help regulate hormones and menstruation.Not all types of birth control works with everyone, so if you're interested in taking them, consult your Doctor. There is bound to be one out there that works for you.

What happens if you take 3 birth control pills all at the same time?


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