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Do not do that, your Birth Control pills contain hormones that affect they way your body works. As with all medicines it is dangerous to take more pills than the doctor tells you to take. Taking all the birth control pills at once will likely make you ill and may even require you to go to hospital. Finally if you take them all at once you will not be protected from pregnancy for the rest of the month (they work on a day by day basis).

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Q: What if I took all my birth control pills at once?
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When birth control pills are took are they noticed in a physical?


You took birth control pills before taking a pregnancy test will that affect it?

Birth control pills have no effect on pregnancy tests.

What happens when you take three birth control pills at once?

Nothing. There is no need to take 3 at once because you won't be protected any more than if you took one. Birth control pills are hormones that when taken for a month will help protect you from pregnancy . They have to be taken everyday to work.

What if all of a sudden you took a overdose on birth control pills how long does it take for the birth control pills to wear off?

i think youn should go to a doctor

Took 5 birth control pills then 3 day later took 6 still bleeding?

You are taking way too much birth control pills at once, which is not good for your body at all. By taking that many pills at once, it is considered overdosing. By doing so, it will not stop any of our bleeding, however, it will make it worse because you are putting too much hormones in your body at once. The breakthrough bleeding will continue. If you miss more than 3 birth control pills, you must throw that pack of pills away and use a back up method such as condoms, until you start a new pack of pills. You are only suppose to take 1 birth control pill everyday at the same time, this is the only way for birth control to be 99.9% effective. Each pill that you miss you substantially reduce the effectiveness of the pill.

If you stopped taking your birth control then started it again then took 6 birth control pills at once to stop it then had sex and he came inside of you can you get pregnant?

Yes you can and I don't reccommend taking 6 at one time.

Is it bad to take three birth control pills at once?

You have overdosed your system. Because you took 3 pills at once you will finish your pack earlier. You may also experience vaginal bleeding or your period may arrive late.

What would happen if a male took birth control pills?

Nothing would happen.

Would a unborn child die if you took several birth control pills?

no, because birth control (in any method: pills, ring, patch, shot, implant) is meant to CONTROL birth BEFORE it happens. they are useless after you're already pregnant.

What can happen to a diabetic man if he takes birth control pills?

Birth control pills are hormones, so nothing willl happen to him. Why would he do that? If he took enough he might want to start to wear pink.

If you've only been on birth control for a month could you be pregnant?

Not if you took your pills as directed.

What do you do if you took your birth control too early?

Avoid sex until you are back on the pills properly.