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Birth Control pills have no effect on pregnancy tests.

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Q: You took birth control pills before taking a pregnancy test will that affect it?
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Can drinking while on birth control affect you and cause pregnancy?

No it can't as long as you are taking your birth control pills as instructed and not missing any. Marcy

Is it more likely to get pregnant if you have intercourse the day before you start the sugar pills?

No. Not taking a substance the day before cannot affect your chances of pregnancy.

Im on the implanon birth control how can i tell if im pregnant if im bleeding everyday because of it?

You can tell if you're pregnant by taking a pregnancy test. The implant does not affect the accuracy of a pregnancy test. Pregnancy is rare on the implant.

Does stopping taking the pill mess up getting pregnant?

Taking the birth control pill lowers the risk of pregnancy. Not taking the birth control pill does not lower the risk of pregnancy. You are more likely to get pregnant when you are not taking the birth control pill.

Do you have to get tested before getting birth control at a clinic?

Yes you could be pregnant so perform a pregnancy test BEFORE taking birth control.

Will taking hash stop pregnancy?

no. * But it will affect your unborn child

Can taking one capsule affect your pregnancy?

It depends what is in the capsule.

Does Movicol which is a laxetive affect the birth control pill?

Take your BCP 1 hour before taking the laxative.

Is betadine safe to gargle during pregnancy?

Early in pregnancy its safe, so you need to check with the chemist before taking Early in pregnancy its safe, so you need to check with the chemist before taking

When does birth control pill set in?

Birth control must be taken every day for 4 weeks before it will protect you against pregnancy. To continue with the protectiveness of birth control you must continue taking a pill every day. Missing a pill will put you at a increased risk of pregnancy.

Do cephalosporins affect the birth control pill?

Birth control pills may not work properly when taken at the same time as cephalosporins. To prevent pregnancy, other methods of birth control should be used in addition to the pills while taking cephalosporins.

Can taking a drug detoxification pill affect your pregnancy test results?