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Yes, they sure do!

It's a common myth, especially in young adult Women, that Birth Control is only used to "not get your pregnant", but this is just not true. Aside from decreasing the likelihood of birth, birth control pills can help regulate hormones and menstruation.

Not all types of birth control works with everyone, so if you're interested in taking them, consult your Doctor. There is bound to be one out there that works for you.

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Q: Do Birth control pills help level out hormones?
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Why do birth control pills contain hormones?

Hormones control the release of eggs, and Birth Control pills either regulate or prevent that release.

Why people get weight when using birth control?

Birth control pills change the level of hormones in your body which can affect your weight.

Why do birth-control pills contain hormones?

Hormones control the release of eggs, and Birth Control pills either regulate or prevent that release.

What happens to a man taking birth control pills?

Birth control pills are female hormones, a man should not take them.

Why do birth control have hormones?

Birth control pills have hormones because hormones are the chemicals that affect ovulation and other aspects of fertility in the female body.

What are you to do if a guy takes birth control?

If he is taking female birth control pills forget him. They contain hormones and he is not taking them for birth control.

Does birth control help acne?

Some birth control pills can help to balance your hormones and help control acne.

Do green tea pills effect birth control pills?

Green tea pills do not effect birth control. They may slightly speed up your metabolism but will not affect your hormones.

Do Birth Control Pills still work after eating food and drinking beverages?

The active ingredient in Birth Control Pills, e.g. hormones, are not affect by foods or beverages.

Can you get pregnant if you switched from taking the shot to birth control pills but no longer take the birth control pills?

If you were on the shot but you switched to taking birth control pills, but you do not take the birth control pills anymore, you have a high chance of pregnancy if you have been having unprotected intercourse. All the active hormones from the birth control will have little or no effect after 3 days of not taking birth control.

Is it an actual period if you miss birth control pills?

No bleeding that you have on birth control pills is an "actual period." Instead, it's withdrawal bleeding brought on by the drop in hormones when you miss pills or when you have your normally scheduled placebo week.

How effective are birth control pills in treating endometriosis?

Birth control hormones are likely to keep endometriosis from getting worse. If you have severe symptoms or if birth control hormones and NSAIDs don't work, you might try a stronger hormone therapy.

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