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Back EMF stops metabolism. Hmm, that's why it has to get rid of the carbon ion, but CO2 is a waste product, so if you can't dump the CO2, metabolism stops, too.

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Q: Why does a muscle cell need to get rid of carbon dioxide?
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Do you need carbon dioxide in cells to survive?

We probaly don't need carbon dioxide since it is a poison but a little bit.

Which gas is absorbed by the palisade cell?

Carbon dioxide is absorbed by the palisade cell. The palisade cell is a plant cell and without them the plant would die. Plants need carbon dioxide so they can produce food. Through photosynthesis (when a plant uses light to convert carbon dioxide into food).

Why is a crabon dioxide considered a waste product of the cell?

we need carbon dioxide in order to survie ...

What two substances need to be transported out of all kinds of animal cells in order for them to survive?

Animal cells need food (usually glucose), water, oxygen, and raw materials to build and grow the cell. In higher animals, a circulatory system using blood provides these needs, and removes waste materials from the cell.

What do plants need from animals?

Carbon dioxide.

What waste do cells need to transport out of the cell?

Metabolic toxins, waster products like oxygen for plant cells and carbon dioxide for animal cells. Anything that is in excess

This it the type of gas that plants need to make food?

Plants need carbon dioxide for photosynthesis. Carbon dioxide is a gas

When you excise your body need more carbon dioxide?

carbon dioxide

What type of gas that plants need to make food?

Carbon Dioxide is needed for plants to make food.

What gas is need by plants to make food?

Carbon dioxide

Does trees need carbon dioxide?

Carbon Dioxide, water, and sun

Plants need carbon dioxide?

Yes... Plants really need carbon dioxide for they use it for photosynthesis.