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No, but that's a good example of how there are worse things than being dead.

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Q: Can you die if your temperature gets too high from a fever for the flavor of a pringle?
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When does fever get dangerous?

103 It gets dangerous when your body temperature gets too high and denature the enzymes in your body.

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What happens if the body temperature gets to high?

you either die or get hyperthermia or you just get a bad fever that leads to other things

Is 99.8 considered a fever for 13 years old?

If you mean body temperature, it's close enough to 98.6 to be considered normal temperature. If you mean working in the sun when the air temperature is 98 degrees, you are risking heat exhaustion at any age.

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What is to high for temperature for pregnancy?

If you are running any degree of temperature over 100 F While pregnant you should go in to see your doctor. Fever can be dangerous to your unborn baby if it gets to high.

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The duration of Andy Hardy Gets Spring Fever is 1.42 hours.

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Why one gets fever?

You get a fever because your body has a virus or bacteria that it is trying to fight off. A fever is the body's response to a pathogen since most detrimental bacteria and viruses cannot survive at a slightly higher temperature than what the body is generally set at, thus killing the pathogen.

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