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yes if you believe in yourself then you could really lose wait

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Q: Can you really go from a siz 18 to a size 11?
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What is the difference in size 15 and size 18 in pocket watches?

Size 18 is for bigger pockets! Size 15 is for people with really good eyesight!

What the size engine of 18 wheeler?

Could be anywhere from 11 to 16 litres.

How many times does does 18 go into 210?

About 11.67 times. If you really don't know how to figure this out on your own, I will tell you. Divide 210 with 18.

What percentage is 11 out of 18?

11/18 = 100*11/18% = 61.11... %

18 point size?

Points are the standard measurements in typesetting. 18 point (18 pt) would probably be the size of a heading. Generally, the body of a book would be sent in a "font" of about 10 or 11 point. The heading of the section, or chapter would be larger ... thus 18 points.

Where can one buy a black dress in size 18?

Maisota, Lands End, Zulily, Nordstrom, Zappo's, Amazon and Women Plus Dresses all carry black dresses in size 18. For a really good selection in size 18 always look for stores that carry plus sizes.

What is 18 minus 11?

18 minus 11 is 7.

How do you a boyfriend at 11?

you don't need a boyfriend @ 11...seriously you don't really need to even think about getting married until 18...

What bust size is a size 18?

There is no specific bust size for a size 18 woman. The average bust size for a size 18 woman is 109 cm/43 in.

What is 11 over 18 minus 1 over 6?

(11/18) - (1/6) = (11/18) - (3/18) = (11-3)/18 = 8/18 = 4/9

Is Tailor Lautner really 17?

yes he was born on February 11, 1992. He is going to be 18 soon !

What size is 18 in unitog uniform shirt?

Size 18 Unitog shirt is a shirt that has an 18" neck size.