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Muslim Brides wear any coloured dress/Lengha.

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Q: What do Muslim brides have to wear on there wedding?
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Do Muslim brides wear white wedding dresses?

They may, but they usually don't. They wear gorgeous and colorful dress on marriage.

Do brides wear wedding veils on third marriage?

They can wear wha they want

Buying a wedding gown from china?

Chinese brides wear red.

What are Jewish wedding dresses like?

They're the same white wedding dresses all other brides wear, except that Orthodox Jewish brides only wear dresses that completely cover them up.

What color is traditionally worn at a Indian wedding?

brides wear red or gold grooms wear white, cream or gold and if you are invited to a wedding you can wear any colour you like!

What should a military bride wear to her wedding?

Some brides might want to wear their uniform, but most grooms wouldn't like that. She should wear traditional wedding attire.

Why do Chinese brides wear red on their wedding day?

The color Red is a symbol of having a thriving life . So that's why Chinese brides wear red on their wedding day, and hope having a very good life in the future. Thank you! ;)

Do Jewish brides wear strapless wedding dresses?

Orthodox Jewish brides don't because of the laws of modesty, but the other branches allow it.

Is it okay to wear a cocktail dress or suit if you don't want to wear a wedding dress?

Yes. Some brides don't like traditional wedding dresses and may want a simple wedding.

Can you wear a big white dress at a backyard wedding?

That's best done with brides who are obese.

Why do some brides not wear necklaces?

Some wedding dresses have high necks, and maybe some brides feel that even a pearl necklace isn't "necessary".

What do Christians wear to Weddings?

brides were their gowns,shoes and bra cups, makeup jewelry etc...(no underwear)