What is open mouth kissing?

Updated: 9/7/2023
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Kissing mouth to mouth. 'Oral' relates to the mouth in any context.

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its when you use tongue :P

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Q: What is open mouth kissing?
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What is the difference between open mouth kissing and closed mouth kissing?

Open mouth kissing involves the use of tongue and more intimate contact between mouths, while closed mouth kissing is more reserved and lips remain closed. Open mouth kissing is considered more passionate and intimate, while closed mouth kissing is typically more innocent and gentle.

What are the different types of kissing?

Kiss, open mouth kiss, making out, french kissing

What if you don't like open-mouth kissing?

Don't do that either.

What does it mean for one to make out?

Making out is a heavy form of kissing. Usually it involves kissing with an open mouth, usually placing one's tongue into the other person's mouth while kissing.

What is tongue-kissing?

Tongue kissing (also for some reason called "French kissing" or "Frenching") is kissing another person whose mouth is open with your own open mouth, so you and your partner can feel the insides of each other's mouths with your tongues. For most people, the mouth is an "erogenous zone" -- which means when it is stimulated, you get sexually aroused. Tongue kissing -- exploring your partner's mouth with your tongue -- is one way to do this.

Can any one is affected HIV by kissing?

The only way someone can get infected by kissing is if the infected person they kissed has an open wound or sore in their mouth.

Different types of kisses?

Peck: quick tap of the lips Open mouth: mouth open while kissing without tongue French: open mouth with the use of the tongue Makeout: All the above, mixed in with sensual touching of the parteners body;)

What is snogging from Harry Potter?

kissing, pashing, french kissing, mouth-to-mouth,

How can you tell if a guy and girl are tongue kissing?

their mouth are wide open and cheeks fuller,eyes closed...

What is mouth to mouth?

Basically CPR or kissing

How do you kiss someone with tongues?

As you are kissing, both of you open your mouths and just let your tongues sweep into the other person's mouth.

What is about tongue only?

a french kiss is about tongue and its when you have 2 people kissing with their mouth open and their tongues wrap around the other.