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he simply lowers his expectation

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Q: What does Dishonesty is a woman is a thing you never blame deeply mean?
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What is difference between dishonesty and fraudulently?

dishonesty according to section 24 of pakistan penal code....whoever does anything with the intention of causing wrongful gain to one person or wrongful loss to another person is said to do that thing...dishonesty....

What are the signs that someone would not make a good friend?

The first thing I look for is dishonesty.

Did hitler blame the jewish for the depression?

He purported to blame them, which amounts to about the same thing.

What method of communication that should not be use to break up with someone?

The blame game, it's never a cool thing to do.. to blame the person for everything that went wrong in the relationship. It's a two way street and takes two to tango.

Would you tell on a friend or take the blame?

I would take the blame, hey that's what friends are for. Soon your friend will do the same thing for you.

What dead thing would never rot?

There are few places that this might happen in the real world: embedded in amber, deep in a bog (water would be lost) and frozen deeply under a glacier.

What is the noun form of the word blame?

The word 'blame' is both a noun and a verb.The noun 'blame' is a word for the state of being responsible for; a word for culpability; a word for a thing.

What do children lie about?

when they do some thing wrong and they blame it on some one else

What does it mean if the first thing a guy notices in a girl is their eyes?

When the first thing he notices in a girl is her eyes it means that he loves her deeply.

What is a synonym for accussed?

A synonym for accused it like you stole some thing or BLAME OR TELL ON

What is it called when you say one thing then do the other?

Depending upon the precise context, some possible descriptors are: Lying Hypocrisy Two-facedness Dishonesty Fraudulence Deceitfulness

What are two facts about a earthworms niche?

its a stupid thing so don't blame me I don't know