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Yes!!! Your breathing is contolled by part of the brain that is done without thought - much like when you are asleep you don't control your breathing by thoughts, they are by brain.

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Q: When people faint do they still breath?
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How do you make your self faint?

Making yourself faint isn't recommended at all, but because it's impossible to stop people from seeking weird experiences the safest method to do it follows below. Do it on your own risk only and follow all precautions! !!! PRECAUTIONS !!! Don't even think about it you have a heart or brain disease, in particular epilepsy. Find a large soft surface like a mat or dense grass. You will fall uncontrollable, abruptly and in an unpredictable direction! Concussion and even death are very real! Friends' support is the less reliable option, they may fail to catch but if the mat is not large enough it's a good idea to have a friend to push you to the right direction if required. Your friends have to put your head to the ground quickly (no elevation). Donโ€™t try to do it when sitting or lying. Falling from the standing is important for fast recovery. Donโ€™t do it often. ALGORITHM Squat down firmly. Take 20โ€“30 deep breaths. Iโ€™s more important to breathe deeply then faster. Take the final inhale and stand up quickly. Do so called Valsalva maneuver โ€” try to exhale without letting the air to go out. Do this 20 seconds with good force like blowing a balloon. Some people suggest blowing on the thumb in the mouth, but actually the thumb in the mouth does nothing and you can injure it during the fall. It works for ~90% people. Expected unconscious time is 5-40 s. If you got headache, dizziness or unusual sensation for more than a hour -- don't repeat! And never repeat on the same day ever you are quite fine.

What is the easiest and quickest way to faint?

Hold your breath until you pass out

If you hold your breath for a long time will you faint?

yes depending on how long

Does your breath get someone else high?

No ... they might faint if it smells really bad though.

Can you still get groundon when you made him faint?


How do you make self faint?

crouch down against a wall. take 15-20 breaths then stand up. while standing you hold your breath and wait till you faint.

Can people faint from high blood pressure?

Yes , people CAN faint from high blood pressure as it is very dangerous.

What if the lines are faint but your still sick?

Try again. You may still be pregnant.

What does carbon does for your body?

Not much. If you breath in too much, you might faint or die because of the lack of oxygen.Otherwise, there are not many serious risks with CO2.P.SEvery time you breath out, its CO2 coming out.

Can a person faint on purpose?

No, people can fake fainting, but a true faint is a physiological response.

How do you use the word faint in a sentence?

"Katie felt faint when she saw the man lying in a pool of blood." "I though that I would faint from the heat today." (adjective) "There was a faint light visible through the closed window." "There was a faint odor of almonds in the air." "He could still see faint marks on the ground where the tree limb had fallen."

Can breath therapy cause side effects?

Prolonged, intensive breathing can sometimes create dizziness, or the person may even faint.