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No , once it faints , it will not reappear , unless you save the game right before you make it faint .

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Q: If you make mesprit faint can you still get it on Pokemon diamond?
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How do you get mesprit to stay still Pokemon diamond?

Mean Look Arena Trap (ability)

How do you catch mesprit on Pokemon Diamond?

Mesprit does flee from the battles normally at the beginning. But if you manage to inflict damage on it then when you see it again it will still have the damage to it. The best way I found to catch Mesprit is to get a level 30-40 Pokemon that knows Mean Look, I evolved my gastly as i found my captured Haunters didnt know Mean Look. Then give your Pokemon that knows mean look a quick claw. Track down Mesprit using the Poketech app (forgot what it is called, my apologies >.

I accidentally beat mesprit in Pokemon platinum but is it still possible for you to still catch Dialga or palika without mesprit?

I don't know who started the rumor, but you don't need any member of the trio to catch Palkia or Dialga in Diamond or Pearl. (I know because I caught Palkia yesterday, and I didn't even have the DEX visual log for them). Sad for you though...but Uxie or Azelf are better than Mesprit for battling in several situations. Find someone on WiFi willing to trade if you really want one.

If you kill giritina can you still catch him?

It depends what game you have. In diamond/pearl you can't. In platinum, if you make it faint (not kill, Pokemon can't die) you cab't catch it, BUT you can catch again its its ALTERED FORM (which looks cooler).

If you have Mesprit Azelf and Uxie in Pokemon Diamond can you do something special?

i have been searching for 2 weeks but still no answer so far but you might got mt cornet as may moonstones as pillars put diagla at front with stone and uxie mespirit azelf

If you import graveler from Pokemon FireRed to Pokemon Diamond will it still evolve into golem?

No, you will need to trade it as soon as its on pokémon diamond

What should i use my master ball on in Diamond and Pearl?

You could use it for anything but I [and many others] stronly suggest that you save it for Cresselia or Mesprit. Even though you only have one, you can still use mean look to prevent the Pokemon from escaping. Hope this helps!!

By doing the storyline for pearl would you have seen every Pokemon?

i still needed drifloon and the legendarys, uxie, mesprit, azelf, and dialga

What is the three Pokemon that slept within the lake of Sinnoh?

Surprised i still know these. Mesprit is Emotion, she is also the lake Pokemon of your hometown. Uxie, the being of Knowledge, and Azelf is the being of Willpower.

How do the Re-Battle legandaries cheats in Pokemon Pearl work?

If you make a legandarie faint you can not catch it. here is a tip if you are faceing a legandarie and all of your Pokemon faint but one. you should run away go heal your Pokemon and come back to where you saw the legandarie it will still be there

What if you already have seven gym badges can you still give the lonely grunt a Pokemon in Pokemon Diamond?


Were to find the Pokemon happiny Pokemon diamond?

i think a dude gives to you when it is still a little egg.