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Q: Are wIll young and john o shea in a relationship?
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Who knew John O Shea would chip it?

Not even John O' Shea

Who has scored for Both man utd and Liverpool?

john o shea

Are John Oshea and Wayne Rooney the same age?

No I think John O Shea is a few years older.

Which players played for Manchester united and Ireland?

It was Roy Keane, Dennis Irwin, and John O Shea.

Which country does man utd star John o 'shea play for?

well its probably Ireland or northern Ireland

Republic of Ireland players who have played for man utd?

roy keane Dennis Irwin paul mcgrath john o shea

Where does john o shea live?

haha im not his postman but i have sorted mail to which was being the following day to john o'shea, its not worth my job to tell you where he lives though x

What age is daithi o shea?


What is John O' Shea's salary?

A close source to Old Trafford has informed me he is earning £75,000 p/w, with an additional £20,000 bonus after 30 appearances.

How did john Wayne get the name duke?

From a dog he had when he was young named Duke.

What 6 republic of Ireland players have won English premier league winners medals?

Roy Keane, John O Shea, Damien Duff, Dennis Irwin, Jeff Kenna

Has john o shea played as striker for man utd?

Yes, he played as an emergency striker due to injuries. Over his career he has actually played every position (even goalkeeper, when Van der Dar was injured)