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Blood should be administers when there is hemorrhage or blood loss,if you are anemic or if you have decreased platelet count.

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Q: When should blood be administered?
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When someone is acidosis what hormone drug should be administered?

Insulin should be administered!!

Will bottled oxygen administered before a blood alcohol test influence or effect the results of the test after a car accident?

No, it should not.

What medications are administered before atherectomy is performed?

At the beginning of the procedure, medications to control blood pressure, dilate the coronary arteries, and prevent blood clots are administered

What is administered to lower high blood presshure?


What is an impermeable carbohydrate that is often administered to patients suffering blood loss?

Dextran is an impermeable carbohydrate commonly administered to patients with blood loss, as it helps expand blood volume by drawing fluid into the bloodstream.

What fluid may be administered via arterial pressure line?

Only non-vesicant, isotonic fluids such as normal saline or lactated Ringer's solution should be administered via an arterial pressure line to prevent tissue damage or necrosis if the fluid leaks into the surrounding tissues. Medications, blood products, or solutions with additives should not be administered through an arterial line.

Which medication is administered to control high blood pressure?


Is administered to lower high blood pressure?

acrophobia v bathmat

Tissue plasminogen activator is administered to?

Tissue plasminogen activator (tPA) is administered to patients experiencing acute ischemic stroke to help dissolve blood clots and improve blood flow to the brain. It is a clot-busting medication that can help reduce the severity of a stroke if administered within a specific time window after symptoms start.

How should patients be prepared for hemodialysis?

Prior to treatment, patients are typically administered a dose of heparin, an anticoagulant that prevents blood clotting, to ensure the free flow of blood through the dialyzer and an uninterrupted dialysis run for the patient.

How does the hepatic portal circuit affect the efficacy of oral medications?

The hepatic portal circuit is responsible for transporting blood from gastrointestinal tract to the liver. Certain medication which are administered orally cannot be passed via this system and therefore should be administered via alternative methods such as injections.

How does an orally administered drug get from the GI tract to the brain?

It gets into the blood which carries it to the brain.