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Insulin should be administered!!

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Q: When someone is acidosis what hormone drug should be administered?
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Who should be tested for renal tubular acidosis?

Relatives of patients with the possibly hereditary forms of renal tubular acidosis should be tested.

How do you treat rabies?

If someone contracts rabies then it should ideally be treated straight away. If it is administered quickly the treatment can be effective.

Who should not take methionine?

Patients with acidosis (condition of increased acidity in body fluids) or established liver insufficiency should not take methionine

Or how long should the RICE treatment be administered?

10 days

For how long should the RICE treatment be administered?

10 days

Who should do an Electroencephalography?

Electroencephalography should be administered and interpreted by a trained medical professional only

Can Deramaxx be crushed?

No, Deramaxx tablets or capsules should not be crushed - they should be administered whole.

When you have rehydrated a vaccine what should you do with it?

A rehydrated vaccine should be administered within a few hours of rehydration.

When should antacids be administered in relationship to food and other medications?

after meals

Who believed government should be administered by a group of the best men?


How would it be possible to have the normal amount of a hormone circulating in the blood yet have symptoms that indicate a shortage of that hormone?

It is possible to have symptoms of hormone deficiency even when the blood levels are normal due to a problem with the hormone receptors or the body's inability to use the hormone effectively. This condition is known as hormone resistance, where the target tissues do not respond properly to the hormone present in the blood, leading to symptoms of deficiency.

Your novacaine has not worn off in a month and the left side of your tongue is still numb what should you do?

You should check back with the dentist who administered the novocaine. Something is wrong. Your problem is probably not novocaine but nerve damage. The sooner someone looks after it, the better off you will be.