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Blaziken for more powerful moves, they mainly consist of fire, flying, fighting and normal type moves

Heracross for a more variety of moves, their not as powerful as Blaziken's moves but depending on the level of your Heracross depends on the battle sets move power

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Q: Who is better for my Pokemon Soul Silver game Heracross or Blaziken better movesnot battle against each other?
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Where would be a good place to train a Heracross in hgss?

You can train a Heracross in any cave. If you know a trainer with psychic Pokemon, you can train Heracross against that trainer. Caves are the best choices because fighting easily beats rock.

What Pokemon are super effective against normal type Pokemon?

Only Fighting type Pokemon. See a Heracross? switch Pokemon. See a Infernape? switch Pokemon if you got a Normal type like Snorlax, Miltank etc.

What Pokemon burns the ice crystal in Pokemon rangers?

there are quite a few only,two of the easiest to find are arcanine and can find blaziken after you finish the can find blaziken in the exit of krokka tunnel.arcanine can be found in the magm cavern at the room you fought against gordor and entei.ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Will you win against the Pokemon elite 4 with your Pokemon?

Yah ill rape the Pokemon league with lvl 100 arceus and lvl 100 palkia lvl 84 rayquaza lvll 76 blaziken and so on....

What tipes of Pokemon do you have to use agast the Eite four?

In Emerald I always use a Lv. 50 Blaziken and a Lv.50 Regice against the first, Blaziken and a Lv.70 Rayquaza on the second, Blaziken and a Lv.55 Metagross on the third,( Ice is weak against fighting and steel), and Rayquaza on the fourth and champion. I have always lost. i hope you lose ok good die you

What is super effective against Heracross?

fire mostly

What Pokemon should you start with in Pokemon emerald?

Well, I started with Torchic. It is strong against bug and grass. It learns Double Kick when it evolves to Combusken that is good move against normal, steel, ground, rock, ice and water type pokemon. It learns Blaze Kick when it evolves to Blaziken and it is good against ghost pokemon. Enjoy playing

How do you beat mossdeep gym leader with a Blaziken in Pokemon Emerald?

level it up and teach it strong moves and try to teach it moves with tms like shadow ball that is good against psychic actually in Pokemon emerald version the Blaziken wont take shadow ball .....soooo...idk wat your playing Lvl 100???

Which Pokemon is better to add to a team Scizor or Heracross?

Heracross would be a better choice because Scizor has terrible special defense and since its really weak against Fire types it would be a bad choice, Heracross has really high attack power and can learn really good moves like Reversal, Endure and Earthquake and Megahorn definetely a better choice.

How do you get Blaziken to a lv 57 easy way on Pokemon?

The easiesst way is to either keep it at the daycare, or battle it with everything possible, especially things that are weakk against it. Hope I helped! :)

What Pokemon defeats snorlax in Pokemon GO?

Snorlax is a beefy tank with some good stats - HP/DEF. They are weak to fighting type moves and some of the best attackers against snorlax are: Machamp, heracross, rhyhorn, tyranitar

What type Pokemon that a bug Pokemon defeat?

Bug types is super effective against Psychic, Dark and Grass.But beware, if you see a Fire type, Like Infernape, a Flying type, like Staraptor or a Rock type, Like Golem, then change Pokemon if you can. These Pokemon types are super effective against bug. If you got a Heracross, Psychic is 4 TIMES super effective on you.