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Bug types is super effective against Psychic, Dark and Grass.

But beware, if you see a Fire type, Like Infernape, a Flying type, like Staraptor or a Rock type, Like Golem, then change Pokemon if you can. These Pokemon types are super effective against bug. If you got a Heracross, Psychic is 4 TIMES super effective on you.

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Q: What type Pokemon that a bug Pokemon defeat?
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What Pokemon can defeat a dark type?

BuG TyPe CaN dEfEaT a DaRk TyPe

Are grass type Pokemon can defeat bug type Pokemon?

Of course, a Grass type Pokémon can defeat a Bug type Pokémon. But Grass type moves are "Not very effective" against Bug type Pokémon, meaning the power of the Grass type move is halved.

How do you defeat defeat psychic type Pokemon?

psycic Pokemon are weak against ghost type moves bug type moves and dark type moves, you can use ghost, dark and bug moves to deal quite alot of damage

How can you defeat darkghost Pokemon on Pokemon emerald version?

try using bug type moves.

How do you get the second badge in Pokemon HeartGold?

You will have to defeat Bugsy in Azalea Town. He has bug-type pokemon.

What is the weakness of mewto Pokemon?

you will need either a bug type, ghost type, or a dark type to defeat or capture mewtwo.

What type of Pokemon is a Kricketot?

Kricketot is a Bug type pokemon.

What type of Pokemon can beat fairy Pokemon?

Almost any type can defeat a Fairy-type Pokemon, but its weaknesses are Poison and Steel. They are immune to Dragon and halves the damage to Bug, Fighting, and Dark-type moves.

What type of Pokemon anorith is?

Anorith is a Rock and Bug type pokemon.

What is a bug Pokemon attack?

It is a attack type from a Bug type

What Pokemon do you find in the bug type map in Pokemon battle arena?

Any unevolved bug type pokemon.

How do you defeat gardenia on Pokemon pearl?

By using flying bug and fire pokemon if possible