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I believe when you're referring to White and Blackthat you mean the Xbox 360 Pro/Arcade and the Xbox 360 ELITE/Slim(NEW)?

Honestly in my opinion(I am an owner of the 360 PRO, the 360 ELITE, and the 360 Slim(NEW) and I think the SLIM is the best version. The PRO is the oldest Xbox 360 and unless you're going to buy one with 120GB or 250GB HDD(hard drive) then don't waste your money. I'd say go with the slim because it's the newest.. it's easier to setup and it has cool features. The power button, tray open/close button is all activated by the motion of your finger passing by it. The slim also has built in wi-fi so if you have WIFI or a neighbor does then you can hook up to the internet without a hassle of getting an ETHERNET cable or network adapter.

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Q: Which is better white Xbox or black Xbox?
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What is the difference between a black xbox 360 and a white xbox 360?

the white one i just a regular xbox 360 and the black one is the xbox elite and it comes with a better hard drive and it has more accessory's

Xbox360 is it black or white?

xbox 360 premium is white xbox 360 elite is black and Xbox 360 Slim is black

What can you do with a iPhone while plugged into a Xbox?

It depends if it's the black or white Xbox white = nothing black = music

Can you use a black xbox controller for a white console?

Yes.. My Xbox is white but we bought a black controller and it works fine

Is black ops better on ps3 or xbox 360?

its better on xbox 360

Does it matter if the Xbox is white or black?

nope, it just looks cooler in black ;) there are different types of Xbox's, like the classic and arcade. you can get a black or white classic xbox and it will work the same :)

What is an Xbox elite?

An xbox elite is simlpy an upgrade from the xbox 360 white edition. the xbox elite is black . Also the xbox elite has a bigger hard drive as well. Although it costs more i think it is a better xbox than the original 360.

What are the cheats for morrowind?

For the Xbox version of Morrowind:Refill health (black white black black black)Refill magicka (black white white black white)Refill fatigue (black black white white black)

How do you determine which version of Xbox do you have?

Is it Black with a big cross on top? Its the Xbox Original. Is it a White Xbox? Ir the Xbox 360 Is it a Black xbox without the aforementioned cross on it? Its the Xbox 360 Elite

Does a black wifi for a white Xbox 360 work with a white Xbox 360?

The color does not make any difference.

Can you upgrade your Xbox 360 to an Xbox 360 elite?

no. they're pretty much the same but the elite is black and when you buy it new it comes with more and better accessories. although you can purchase a new shell (black cover instead of white)

How is Xbox 360 elite better then Xbox 360 white?

bigger memory