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the white one i just a regular Xbox 360 and the black one is the xbox elite and it comes with a better hard drive and it has more accessory's

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Q: What is the difference between a black xbox 360 and a white xbox 360?
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What is the difference between the black xbox 360 and the white xbox 360?

Nothing is different it is just the color of the Xbox.

What is the difference between the white Xbox and the black Xbox?

not much it has more speed (that's great) its a newrew model and much more

Is there a difference between the black and white xbox360 controllers?

There is no difference between the controllers except the color. Each controller will work the Xbox the same way.

What is the difference between Xbox 360 elite wireless controller and Xbox 360 wireless controller?

One is Black, the normal wireless controller is White.

Does a black wifi for a white Xbox 360 work with a white Xbox 360?

The color does not make any difference.

What color is the xbox arcade?

The xbox 360 arcade is basically all white and the difference between the arcade and the pro is that the pro has a silver disk drive. The Elite is all black.

Is there a difference between the controllers for Xbox 360 and the Xbox Elite?

xbox live is just what it is called when you are connected to the internet and you are playing with other people from around the world. An Xbox 360 Elite is just a better Xbox 360. it costs more too and it has black controllers console, headset, etc.

What is the difference of Xbox 360 and Xbox 360 elite?

The elite is black and holds more memory. The regular is white and less memory.

Xbox360 is it black or white?

xbox 360 premium is white xbox 360 elite is black and Xbox 360 Slim is black

What is the difference between Xbox controllers vs Xbox 360 controllers?

Nothing much. Instead of the black and white buttons on the Xbox controller the Xbox 360 controller has RB (right bumper) and LB (left bumper). And the Xbox 360 controller is way more comfortable

Difference between Xbox pro and elite?

The Elite is black, has a HDMI input and a 120GB hard drive. The Pro is white, does not have HDMI input and has a 60GB hard drive.

What can you do with a iPhone while plugged into a Xbox?

It depends if it's the black or white Xbox white = nothing black = music