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White = Arcade

Black = Elite

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Q: How can you tell what Xbox 360 type you have?
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How does one tell a classic Xbox to use an Xbox 360 account i.e. can someone with a 360 Xbox live account tell their Xbox classic to share the account also?

It is possible to recover the 360 account on your classic xbox and vice versa. Just look for the "account recovery" option and type in the email and password for the account that you want to recover.

Is the Kinect a type of Xbox 360 or is it for any Xbox 360?

Kinect is an expensive accessory for the xbox 360. It is an motion controller.

When you tell your Xbox 360 elite is overheating?

You can tell your Xbox 360 is overheating when the fan stays on and sometimes when there is a red ring glowing on the console.

Can the xbox 360 games be played on the xbox360 elite?

Yes. you can play ANY xbox 360 game on ANY type of xbox 360. you can also play original xbox games on the xbox 360. (but you have to have a hard-drive to play original xbox games on the 360)

What is a Xbox 360 devkit?

A Xbox 360 DevKit is a developer xbox that allows you to have developer powers, usually only xbox employees get this type of console.

How do you find the Xbox 360 MAC address?

Go to youtube and type this question in how to find your mac address on your xbox 360.

How do you download xbox 360 colsole bios map?

you tell me

Can a burned Xbox game play on a Xbox 360 without moded firmware?

sorry to tell you this but no

Which is better Xbox or Xbox 360?

xbox 360.The Xbox 360 is the best as it can run games for both the Xbox and the Xbox 360.

Are Xbox 360 hard drives good with any model of Xbox 360?

yes....all xbox 360 use the same type of hard drive even though some could be 20,60,or 120 gb. To sum it up, xbox 360 hard drives are good with any model of the xbox 360.

How do you know if people are addicted to Xbox 360?

You can tell if Xbox 360 is popular if stores have great sales. Like Buy one get one for $5.

How Much is the Xbox 360?

Depends on the type. XBOX 360 Elites are around $450, XBOX 360 Premiums are about $350, and XBOX 360 Cores are cheaper than that by around $100 (I'm guessing) but it's hard to find them anywhere anymore (for a good reason).