How many different Xbox are there?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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xbox original

Xbox 360 core

xbox 360 arcade

xbox 360 premium

xbox 360 elite

xbox 360 super elite

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Q: How many different Xbox are there?
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How many Xbox consoles are there?

If you mean different varitions of the Xbox... just Xbox, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. If you mean how many there are circulating, it is unknown

Is Xbox fun?

it is fun because there are many different things for you to do.

What feature does the Xbox 360 have?

There are many different features, it depends on which features your are talking about.

Can you make a Xbox a Xbox 360?

No, they are different systems.

What colors can you find on Xbox consoles?

There are many different colors one can find on Xbox consoles. The Xbox is available in the traditional black and white, however there have been special edition Xbox consoles released that are red.

How many GB are supposed to be in a Xbox and a Xbox 360?

the xbox 360 has 3 different purchasable hard drives, in the sizes of 20gb, 60gb, and 120gb the xbox original is measured in blocks, not gb, and has about 75,000 blocks in it

What are good replacement controles for the xbox?

You can always buy the replacement controls from many different stores. Xbox makes there own replacement controls.

How many different Xbox types can one purchase online?

The Xbox, and Xbox360 can be purchased online. The newest release Xbox 1 is also available online,at retail web sites and Amazon. If there is an Xbox that you are interested in , it can be found online.

Can Xbox games be played on windows7?

No because XBOX and XBOX 360s are different from Windows 7.

Can Xbox 360 GAME work in Xbox?

no they have different disk rotation speed and different hardware requirements

How many watts does a games console use?

Different games consoles consume different amounts of watts. For example, the Xbox 360 uses 160 watts of power. The original Xbox uses half of this.

Can you use an Xbox hardrive for an Xbox 360?

No, they are 2 different things.