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no, they are completely different. the Xbox 360 ones are connected to a usb port or are just wireless and the original xbox's are not..

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Q: Are Xbox 360 and Xbox the same controllers?
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Do normal Xbox 360 controllers work on Xbox 360 elites?

yes all xbox360 controllers are the same but if you use just a xbox not a 360 then it will not work

Do Xbox controllers work for Xbox 360?

No, original XBOX controllers do not work for the XBOX 360.

Does Xbox 360 controllers work on the Xbox?

No because the Xbox 360 was made after the Xbox so the electronic's aren't the same. :/

Do American xbox 360 controllers work in Australia?

Yes because the xbox controllers are the same around the world.

Do Xbox 360 elite controllers work on a regular Xbox 360?

Yes, they do. All controllers that are made by Microsoft are the same. Only the colors are different.

Do white xbox 360 wireless controllers work with the new xbox 360?

It is 4 controllers on every Xbox 360.

Do black Xbox 360 controllers work on Xbox 360 Preimium Console?

Yes, all xbox 360 controllers work on the xbox 360. (no matter what color it is)

Can you use xbox360 controller on 360slim?

yes you can use the xbox 360 controllers on the xbox 360 slim. I use my controllers from my old xbox on my new 360 slim.

Where can you get Xbox 360 controllers?

You can find Xbox 360 Controllers on or go to a local gaming store.

Can you use xbox 360 regular controllers with a 360 elite system?

yeah there the same thing

Can you use Xbox controlers on Xbox 360?

No you need XBOX 360 controllers.

Can you use Xbox controllers on Xbox 360?