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Q: What are the black and white buttons on your xbox controler?
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Is the Xbox controller the same as the Xbox 360's?

No, on the 360 controler there is no White and Black buttons, they are replaced by two bumper buttons just above the triggers, much like the PS2 controler.

Which buttons is the white and black button for xbox controller?

Lb & rb

Can sims 2 cheats on Xbox be used on an Xbox 360?

Yes, if it is a normal xbox game. You might have to remember that the black and white buttons are now the left and right buttons.

What is the trigger button on the xbox controler?

The left trigger and right trigger are the buttons at the top of the controller that you pull with you fingers

How do you use the back and white from the Xbox on the Xbox 360?

I presume you mean "Black" and white buttons from the first xbox... If so then Right and Left bumpers are used on a 360 controller

What are the white and black buttons on xbox 360?

Right Button (RB) is Black, Left Button (LB) is white. Hope this helps.

What was the nickname for the original Xbox controler?

I always called it an Xbox controler.

What does a d-pad look like on your xbox controler?

its the plus shaped pad that has up,down,left and right buttons to click...

What to have for a xbox?

? A controler?

Xbox360 is it black or white?

xbox 360 premium is white xbox 360 elite is black and Xbox 360 Slim is black

Can someone convert Xbox cheats to Xbox 360?

All the same buttons for original games, except white is LB, black is RB, Left Trigger is LT, and Right Trigger is RT.

When playing Grand Theft Auto San Andreas on the Xbox 360 what are the substitution buttons on the Xbox 360 remote?

They are almost exactly the same. Try using the bumpers instead of black and white.