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After You Trade Foretess For Beldum He Goes Back To Hoaen. I Think

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2010-10-18 07:45:16
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Q: Where is Steven after you trade him Beldum in soul silver?
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How do you get beldum in soul silver?

Beldum is given to you by Steven. He will ask you to trade your Fortress for his Beldum. You must have all 16 badges first, however.

How many times can you trade with steven stone in Pokemon soul silver?

Once, you can trade a Forretress for his Beldum.

Where do you trade with steven on Pokemon soul silver?

you can trade with steven at the silph co. building in saffron city he will give you a beldum for a fortress.

How do you catch beldum in Pokemon Soul Silver?

Steven Stone will give you a Beldum in exchange for a Forretress.

How do you meet Steven the second time in soul silver?

Well, you go to Saffron City and go into that Silph co. building, Steven will be there. if you talk to him he will ask you if you have a foretress. And he will trade you Beldum. to get Foretress you have to get your Pineco to lv.31, in doing so he will trade you a Beldum that will only know take down. The Beldum will be holding a dawn stone.

How do you get to battle Steven in Pokemon soul silver?

You don't but after you defeat red at mt silver you can receive a hoen starter from him in silph co in saffron city then after you talk to him in the pewter museum of science you can trade your forretress for his beldum

How do you evolve beldum in soul silver?

Get your beldum to level 35 and it should evolve.

Where does steven go after you trade with him on soul silver?

he goes to his house in vilot city.

Can beldum breed in Pokemon soul silver?

Yes, Beldum can breed but it can only breed with Ditto.

When can you battle steven in soul silver?

you can't, but he will trade with you once, and give you a Hoenn starter

Where do you find steven after you trade with him soul silver?

Mt. Silver after you defeat Red (A.K.A. Ash) who is also somewhere in Mt. Silver

Where to find Steven to trade with him in soul silver?

i'm not sure in soulsilver but in heartgold after seeing him in the pewter museum you can trade him at silph co

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