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Well, you go to Saffron City and go into that Silph co. building, Steven will be there. if you talk to him he will ask you if you have a foretress. And he will trade you Beldum. to get Foretress you have to get your Pineco to lv.31, in doing so he will trade you a Beldum that will only know take down. The Beldum will be holding a dawn stone.

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Q: How do you meet Steven the second time in soul silver?
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Where do youfind stenen the second time in soul silver?

you meet steven for the second time at the museum in Pewter City.

How many times do you meet Steven in soul silver?


Where to find steven stone the second time in soul silver?

at the museums at pewter wood cite

Can you battle steven in soul silver?


Can you battle steven on soul silver?

Steven Stone appears in the game, but you cannot battle him.

When can Steven Stone be battled in heart Gold and Soul Silver?

I don't believe that you get to fight Steven.

Where do you find the Hoenn champion steven to battle in soul silver?

You find Champion Steven at Ruins of Alph.

How do you find steven in ruins of alph on Pokemon soul silver?

Steven will never appear in the Ruins of Alph.

Pokemon soul silver how to get steven out of pewter museum?

You have to have the Engnima stone.

Where do you meet steven the third time in soul silver?

near my balls i am sorry for that person but i believe when you catch latios (and/or) latias he will go back to th hogehn and do his thing.

Can you go to hoen in soulsilver?

No. The only 2 regions you can go to in Heart Gold and Soul Silver are the Johto and Kanto regions. However, you do meet Steven twice and obtain a Hoenn starter Pokemon. Also, you can find Latios/Latias as roaming Pokemon after meeting Steven for the first time.(Soul Silver=Latios, Heart Gold=Latias.)

Where is steven stone after you get 16 bages on Pokemon soul silver?

Pewter Mueseum