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Mt. Silver after you defeat Red (A.K.A. Ash) who is also somewhere in Mt. Silver

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Q: Where do you find steven after you trade with him soul silver?
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Where to find Steven to trade with him in soul silver?

i'm not sure in soulsilver but in heartgold after seeing him in the pewter museum you can trade him at silph co

Where is Steven after you trade him Beldum in soul silver?

After You Trade Foretess For Beldum He Goes Back To Hoaen. I Think

Where do you find the Hoenn champion steven to battle in soul silver?

You find Champion Steven at Ruins of Alph.

Where can you find a vulpix?

Soul Silver: route 36 Heart Gold: trade with Soul Silver

How do you find steven in ruins of alph on Pokemon soul silver?

Steven will never appear in the Ruins of Alph.

Where do you find Darkrai in soul silver?

Darkrai isn't available in Soul Silver. You need to trade someone else who has it.

Where do you find regirock in soul silver?

You have to trade it with Diamond and Pearl.

How do you find kyorge in soul silver?

Trade from HeartGold only

What happens after you trade with steven in Pokemon soul silver?

he doesn't show up in the game anymore except in the credits

Where do you find steven stone the third time in Pokemon soul silver?

You find him at the Pewter city meuseam.

Can you get a mudkip in soul silver?

you have to trade from a game PREFERREBLY A CHEATED PLATINUM HOPE THIS HELPS :-D you can get it from steven after you beat red

Can you find celeibi in Pokemon Soul Silver?

No. You have to trade it from other games.