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you have to trade from a game



you can get it from steven after you beat red

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Q: Can you get a mudkip in soul silver?
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Can you get mudkip in union cave on soul silver?

no but you can get one from steven ( blue stone is wat mudkip is )

How do you get mudkip Pokemon on soul silver?

you can't unless trophy garden

Who is the trainer or who are the trainers who have mudkip in soulsilver?

No trainer in soul silver has a mudkip, to get it in your pokedex you would have to migrate from Ruby, Saphire or Emerald.

How do you evolve mud kip in soul silver?

Mudkip evolves into Marshtomp at level 16.

Where to find mudkip in soul silver?

beat the game then do a lot of stuff. then find Steven and awcer blue stone. and you get mudkip lv.5

Can you get Sinnoh starters in soul silver?

no but later on in the game you can get charmander, squirtle or bulbasaur and treeko, torchic or mudkip

Pokemon Soul Silver how to catch Mudkip?

You cant catch him. he is given to you by steven at silph co. after beating all the gyms and the trainer Red, who is at the top of mnt. Silver.

What Pokemon does steven give you in soul silver?

Steven, as the Champion of Hoenn Region, gives you one of the Hoenn starters, which are Treeko, Mudkip, and Torchic.

Where do you get a swampert on soul silver?

you need to go to hearthome city and in the house next to the Pokemon centre you can trade it for a skuntank i cant do it because it keeps saying on about the eevee

How do you get mudkip in soul silver?

Beat all the 16 Gyms, then beat Red at the top of Mount Silver. After that you can receive a Kanto and a Hoenn starter of your choice. The Kanto starter you get from Prof. Oak, but you want a Mudkip I can see. So you must go to Silph. Co. in Saffron City where you will find Steven. He will ask you a question where you may answer Green, Red or Blue. Since you want a Mudkip, you must answer ... Blue of course. Hope this helps you out

What do you do after prof oak gives you another starter in soul silver?

you can go to saffron's tallest buiding talk to Steve , and choose red torchic, blue, mudkip, or trekko(sorry for misspelling)