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You can buy the TM brick break at the celadon dept store on the 2nd floor.

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Q: Where do you find TM 31 Brick Break in Pokemon fire red?
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What Pokemon are best at fighting Lucario?

A ground, fire, or fighting type. A Scyther that knows a move like Brick Break can be really useful.

Where can you find lots of fire Pokemon in Pokemon Diamond?

Fuego IronworksUltimoz: I asked this question and by where can you find lots of fire Pokemon i ment where can you find lots of wildfire Pokemon!

What are Four best attacks of charlizard in leafgreen?

flamethrower, fire blast, blast burn, and brick break

What Is the most powerful Fighting move in Pokemon fire red?

Focus Punch is most powerful, but is un-reliable with using substitute first, considering if the opponent hits you it fails. Brick Break is most reliable.

Where do you find fire Pokemon in Pokemon leaf green?

you can find them in MT.Ember

What are the best moves to teach a hitmonlee in Pokemon FireRed?

These are some good moves for your hitmonlee they are: Earthquake, Rock tomb, Brick Break, and Mega Kick it learns Mega Kick at LV.46 in Fire Red version.

How you find compressive strength of fire brick at laboratory?

beam load formula

Where do you find poocheanas in Pokemon FireRed?

You can't find it in Pokemon fire red

What fire Pokemon can you find in the wildon Pokemon pearl?


Where can you find fire type Pokemon on Pokemon indigo?


What are the best moves for garchomp?

A good moveset for Garchomp is: Outrage/ Earthquake/ Brick Break/ Fire Fang. If you want to, you can swap fire fang for crunch or stone edge.

How do you battle the third gym leader at fire red Pokemon?

you have to break the code