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Q: Where can you find fire type Pokemon on Pokemon indigo?
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How do you defeat league champion steven in Pokemon indigo?

Use a fire type pokemon, fire beats steel.

Where can you find grass type Pokemon in indigo?

You find it in pokemon! it's obvious!

How do you type the coupons in Pokemon indigo?

The coupons are expired in Pokemon Indigo now. They cannot be typed in anywhere.

What type of Pokemon is ryhorn in Pokemon indigo?

ground or rock

How do you beat a grass type Pokemon?

You beat a grass type Pokemon by attacking it with a fire type move/fire type Pokemon. I suggest numel or torkoal since those are the easiest fire type Pokemon to find. You can find them at the Fiery Path at route 112.

Where do you find the darkrie in Pokemon indigo version?

i think you go on you tube and type in how to get darki in pokemonindego and ill tell you or you have to go to where dark Pokemon are-

What is the Indigo Plateau in New Bark Town in Pokemon Heart Gold?

Type your answer here... anyway Indigo Plateau is in Kanto. Indigo Plateau is a Pokemon League.

Are there any official Pokemon online games?

yes, type Pokemon indigo

What does nevermeltice do on Pokemon indigo?

raise the power of ice type Pokemon I think

What beats rock type Pokemon in pk indigo?

Rock-type Pokémon are weak against Water and Grass-type Pokémon.

Where do you find a Zoroark in Pokemon indigo?

you need a water stone for eevee to evolve it into the water type a thunder stone for the electric type a fire stone for the fire type a leaf stone for the grass type to evolve it into the ice type you have to go to a cave in snowpoint city where there is a gem to evolve it into the dark type and the phycic type you have to gain eevee's friendship for dark type it has to evolve at night and the phycic has to evolve at daytime.

What fire Pokemon can you find in the game Pokemon Diamond?

Chimchar Monferno Infernape Ponyta Rapidash These are the the only Fire-type Pokemon found in Sinnoh