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Sawk is found in shaking grasses on routes where throh can be found normally in white and in black throh is found at the same way.

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Q: Where can you catch a sawk on Pokemon White?
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Is throh exclusive to Pokemon White?

Nope. You can catch both Sawk and Throh in both versions. ^^

Where can you catch sawk in pokemo b and w?

Pokemon black

What level does throh evolve into sawk in Pokemon white?

Throh doesn't evolve into Sawk at any level because it's not capable of evolving into Sawk.

What type of Pokemon is Sawk?

Sawk is a Fighting type pokemon.

Is sawk a legendary Pokemon?

Is sawk a legendary pokemon??

Where do you catch sawk in Pokemon black?

You can catch Sawk at pinwheel forest, before you enter it (where the challenge rock is and all). I believe the encounter rate is pretty low, as I took a while to find one

How does throh evolve In Pokemon White?

No throh does not evolve. but there is another Pokemon similar to him called sawk.

How do you get sawk in Pokemon white?

Route 10, 16, 18 and Pinwheel forest.

What level does throh evolve Pokemon white?

Throb does not evolve. Nor does Sawk

Which Pokemon has more HP sawk or cofagrigus?


What pokemon do you catch in black that you can't catch in white?

You can catch Cottnee, Whimscott, Vullaby, Mandibuzz, Rerisham, Gothita, Gothorita, and Gothetelle. I think, sorry for the misspellings. Sawk, and the Red Bascilun are more common in black then throh and blue bascilun. Did this help you?

What Pokemon can you catch on black but not on white?

Before the Pokemon League: Cottonee, Gothita, Vullaby, Tornadus, and Reshiram and the evolution lines of those pokemon. After the Pokemon League: Weedle, Murkrow, Houndour, Shroomish, Plusle, and Volbeat. (once again the evolutionary lines are available) Those are the only ones you can catch in Black but not in White. also sawk and look for murkrow in the afternoon