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Defeat the game. You can access Pokemon from W&B now!

Now you can get Sawk or Throh or etc.

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Q: How do you get Pokemon in black version if you have white version without trading?
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Where do you get rufflet in Pokemon black without trading with someone?

You can't, it's a version exclusive to White. You need to get it from a trade.

How do you get all beginner Pokemon of Pokemon black without trading?

There is no way of getting all beginner Pokemon without trading.

Do you get Zekrom in Pokemon black to?

i don't think you can without trading from someone who has one or buying Pokemon white or using a cheat device, zekrom is version exclusive to Pokemon white.

Where do you migrate Pokemon in black version?

Pokemon Black and White are not compatible for trading with any of the other previous games.

How do you see thundurus in Pokemon black without trading?

You dont

How do you get a second starter Pokemon in Pokemon black and white without trading?

You cant without action replay

Which city in Pokemon black version has the global trading center?

the gts is in every pc

Is solosis on Pokemon black version?

I am afraid not. You can only get one from trading one from white.

How do you get oshawatt in Pokemon black without trading?

You can't unless you picked it as starter pokemon.

How do you get reshima in Pokemon White?

You can't without trading with someone that has black.

When can you catch mewtoo in Pokemon Black version?

You can only get it by trading for it or transfer it from the older Pokemon DS games. It was an event long time ago for Pokemon Black and White.

Can you get different reigion's starter Pokemon in Pokemon black and white?

Not without trading from another game.