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You can't catch it in Black, but you can catch it in White. In the White Forest.

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Q: How do you catch Abra in Pokemon Black and White?
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Where to get a Abra in Pokemon black?

you can only get Abra by Pokemon transfer or trading

What does Abra evolve into on crystal?

You don't have to be a Pokemon fan to know that. In every Pokemon game Abra evolves into kadadra. I have every game except the NEW game, Pokemon Black And White.

Where do you catch an Abra on Pokemon Blue version?

You can buy an Abra at the game corner or you can catch them at route 24 or 25 rare

What psycihc can you catch Pokemon in Pokemon ruby?

abra and ralts are two of them

How do you catch Abra in Pokemon Crystal?

Find it. DUUH.

What Pokemon have the move Hypnosis?

If you have an Abra, the best hypnosis Pokemon is alakazam. So catch an Abra, evole it to a kadabra, the evolve it to an alakazam to have the best hypnosis Pokemon

What pokemon can you catch in white forest?

well i have seen aaron gastly abra trapinch wurmple happiny seedot surskit hoppip and oddish but you need to do entralink with someone who has black version i hope this helps

How do you get to one island in Pokemon Yellow?

Catch an Abra

Where do you catch Abra in Pokemon Silver?

any grass around goldenrod

Where do you catch an Abra on Pokemon Yellow version?

saffrom city grass areas

How do you get a twisted spoon in Pokemon emerald?

You can get a twistedspoon from a wild Abra. You can use the move Thief or Covet on a wild Abra to get a twistedspoon, or you can catch the Abra, but you might have to catch or use Thief or Covet on a whole bunch of them because it is only a 5% chance that a wild Abra will hold a twistedspoon.

How do you catch Abra in Pokemon emerald?

I tried paralyzing it but the Abra teleports before i use stun spore. I can't catch it.