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they are hidden, apparently sense you can not find them

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Q: Where are the spy hideouts on Club Penguin?
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Where is it when you are hiding on Club Penguin?

there are club penguin hideouts for spy agents and there is the dojo hideout for ninjas :) you can get into these by asking to be a spy and earning your belt :) :)

Where do you get the spy phone pin?

At club Penguin! At club Penguin!

Can you were spy medals on Club Penguin?


How many days to be a spy in club penguin?

It takes 30 days to be a spy, and 45 days to be a tour guide in club penguin.

Where to get the spy glass in club penguin field ops?

If you finish club penguin op blackout you will get a spy glass and lot of equipments

What are the agent spy sheep on Club Penguin?

They are a club penguin "clan" sort of thing

What are the coin codes for Club Penguin?

codes from club penguin toys have a code on them to get club penguin coins. they men the spy quest

Where is the old spy phone club penguin?

the old spy phone from club penguin has been changed into a new one for the new agency

What is spy phone in club penguin?

a spyphone is a phone on club penguin epf agents use

Who is the director of Club Penguin missions?

g is the leader because i am apart of the club penguin spy sociaction

What is club penguin ltimate official guide to Club Penguin page 141?

it is a page about spy stuff

How do you beat club penguin spy mission 7?

say "(f word) i hate club penguin"